Saturday, July 24, 2010

True Blue - Luanne Rice

Title:  True Blue
Author:  Luanne Rice
Publisher:  Bantam
Published:  2002
Pages:  476
Genre:  Women's Fiction

While not my favorite book by Luanne Rice (that honor would go to Summer Light), it was still a pretty good read. However, those that have the "ick factor" when it comes to marrying siblings...then you better stay clear. Set in a Connecticut beach town, Hubbard's Point, we are exposed to the lives of the inhabitants, as well as, legends of seafaring spirits and lost treasures.

The heroine in this story is veterinarian, Rumer Larkin. Never having been married, she lives with her aging father, Sixtus. The reason for her marital status is Zeb Mayhew...18 years ago he broke her heart. They grew up together on the island; their friendship turning into love during their teenage years. But due to a misunderstanding and a jealous sibling, Zeb turns away from Rumer and marries her sister. Discovering that he made the biggest mistake of his life, they soon divorce, but not before they have a son. I didn't connect all that well with Rumer. She is a little obsessive about the care of the wildlife in the area. She tries to move on with her life by getting involved with someone else...but she isn't successful. Her relationship with her sister is strained due to the sister's deception, alcoholism, and jealousy of Rumer.

Zeb is a successful astronaut...but after a near death experience...he decides it is time to reconnect with his 18 year old son and ask forgiveness from Rumer. Taking some time off, he rents a cottage at Hubbard's Point and drags his son across the country for the summer. I like Zeb a little more than Rumer. I could sympathize with his plight and wanted him to get his heart's desire which is to recapture his bond with Rumer. He was your typical nerdy guy, and I enjoy reading about those types of heroes.

Even though there was great tension and angst between the two main characters, I was more invested in the secondary characters' stories. Michael, the son, develops a relationship with one of the local girls, Quinn. And the father, Sixtus, decides to embark on one last sailing adventure, planning on residing in Ireland to keep Rumer from having to take care of him in his declining years. The one side story I didn't like, was the one about the new neighbors moving into Zeb's old house next door to Rumer. They wanted to make changes to the landscaping and build a bigger, fancier house...shocking and appalling Rumer to the point of her making a stand against the reconstruction.

I thought the ending was good, all wrapped up in a nice neat little package.


Rating: 3/5
Pages:  476
Completed:  5/3/10



Blanche said...

Great review!! I've not read a LuAnne Rice book in several years! I should start reading her again! :)

samantha.1020 said...

Okay, that seriously does have an ick factor for me...guess I better not give this one a try. I do love the frogs BTW :)

Josh Healy said...

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Teena in Toronto said...

Sounds like a good summer read.

Happy blogoversary :)

amar said...

informasi yang oke sobat,,,,, (y)

ramdan said...

thanks for share.. :)

otam said...

nice post (y)

kulit belang said...

artikenya bermanfaat sangat bro ;)

ginjal bengkak said...

thank you brother, artikelnya verry good, hehe,,,,

luka diabetes said...

info yang keren gaan,,
salam kenal yaa,,,, :)

migrain said...

artikelnya menarik juga, semoga bermanfaat
salam kenal ya gaan.. :)

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